I specialise in Hybrid cars with 99% being Japanese imports, why do i do this over the much easier and profitable route chosen by most garages of importing diesel cars from the UK? The simple answer is hybrid cars from Japan are so much cleaner in general and have far less corrosion issues than the UK counterparts, along with unprecedented reliability and far less toxic exhaust gases.

As someone in the motor trade i can assure you that any modern diesel car ticking over either outside your home (or as is our experience in a garage being repaired) you simply cannot stand anywhere near them for more than a minute or two without the fumes catching in your throat.

Many articles exist about hybrid cars,but in simple terms why should one be considered over standard modern diesel or petrol only cars?

Modern diesels are increasingly unreliable with many common problems throughout the majority of manufacturers, common/regular occurring faults listed below:

Diesel particulate filters (DFP filters)

Exhaust gas recirculation valves (EGR valves)

Injector failures

Turbo failures

Dual mass flywheel failures

Noisy rattly engines!!


Why choose hybrid over standard petrol cars? Simply down to fuel economy, with daily commuting, stop start traffic nothing can truly match a hybrid car.


Why choose a hybrid car as your next car?

Personally i drive a 2.5l 2104 Toyota Camry hybrid, it has truly been the best all round car i have owned and consistently achieves around the 900 kilometers to a tank mark, bearing in mind it has 170,000 kilometers on the clock! I am absolutely certain it would achieve far far more mileage to the tank of fuel had i not got the benefit of being able to arrive and leave work at the times i do to avoid traffic as that is where hybrids are at their absolute best!!  A comfortable 2.5l getting 900 kilometers to a tank and not constantly in traffic is truly fantastic in my eyes!!

I have not had a single hybrid car come back with a warranty problem, the famous pub talk quotes of “sure the batteries need to be replaced in them hybrids” is an absolute myth, i have only seen 3 batteries fail on older cars and all were on 2005-2006 Prius cars that had over 300k on them, it is a simple repair job of just replacing the worn pack with a second hand one which can be purchased from as little as €40 these days. It is a €200 – €250 all in repair depending on if one or more packs need replacing.

They simply do not give any trouble, just look at the sheer amount of hybrid taxis here in Dublin, I have myself work as a taxi driver for over seven years in the past, and i would not drive anything other than a hybrid if i chose to go back doing it!!

I would urge any potential hybrid customers to drop into any mechanic and compare “common problems” with all three types, Diesel, Petrol only & Hybrid.


Hybrid Imports is a one man show, you will only ever deal directly with myself, Any customer is welcome to call me on 0857640034 to arrange a chat in person and to go through all the questions you may have while browsing through stock.

If you have made it this far thanks for reading.

Stephen – Hybrid imports owner 0857640034